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This information is for players that have already registered for the CBC Spring 2020 Virtual Skills Academy. For players who are interested but haven't registered please see the info on the CBC homepage. 



  • Internet access
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer that you can use in your driveway.
  • A basketball.
  • A basket

​For the advanced workouts you will also need

  • One or two additional basketballs
  • Cones/plyons and a chair or anything that can substitite for those items.
  • A partner (sibling or parent)



We will be using a variety of different tools to run our Virtual Skills Academy. the primary training tool will be the Breakthrough Basketball Workout website at https://workouts.breakthroughbasketball.com/.

Additional tools include

  • CBC website - www.cbcvahoops.com
  • Sports Sign Up Play app. This is our normal CBC app and will be used primarily for communication.
  • Homecourt app - We will add Homecourt training in week 2 for those players that have an iPhone or iPad. Homecourt uses artificial intelligence to provide advanced analytics on shooting and ball handling - homecourt.ai
  • CBC Youtube Channel - Additional videos related to the Virtual Skills Academy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0jaAo00SowdoOwO6-PjqVQ
  • Zoom - Interactive group web based video conferencing - Email invites will be sent out for web chats.



  1. EMAIL 1 - You will receive an email that you have been added to the CBC Virtual Skills Academy team with an invite/instructions to use the Sports Sign Up Play (SSuP) app. Please get established on the SSuP app. It is a very helpful communication tool.
  2. EMAIL 2 - You will receive a second email that looks like its from Catoctin Basketball Club but the sender is actually info@breakthroughbasketball.com. It may end up in your junk mail so please look for it there. This email will have have instructions and a temporary password for the Breakthrough Basketball Workout website. Login and change your temporary password to a permanent one that you can remember.
  3. EMAIL 3 - Once you have logged in to the Breakthrough Basketball Workout site, you will receive a third email with the link to the workout. 
  4. We will be sending out a Welcome video with more info on the program.
  5. We will also be sending out weekly video inbriefs and feedbacks
  6. Prior to week 2 of the training we will be sending out an email on getting set up on the Homecourt app.



  • There will be three workouts per week. You can do the workouts at your own pace and on any day/time but please try to complete all three and log your results for all three.
  • We will be sending the workouts out once per week for that week. 
  • We encourage all of our players to do the workouts more than three times per week if your schedule permits, although you can only log the results of three workouts per week. 
  • Scroll through all of the workout videos and instructions before starting a workout.
  • Parents, please QA your players at the beginning of each new drill and do occassional spot checks. Some drills require a second person. Any sibling or parent/guardian can assist.