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Great shooting form is the single most important factor in becoming a great shooter/scorer in basketball. Just like golf, tennis, baseball, lacrosse etc., building proper and consistently repeatable mechanics is best and fastest way to improve your game.

Unfortunately, young basketball players have two things working against them. First, they generally don’t get proper training on shooting mechanics when they first pick up a ball. They use a ball that is too big, a basket that is too high and shoot from too far away. Second, these bad mechanics get reinforced and become muscle memory from practice and game play and stay with a player for life unless deliberately corrected. To change muscle memory, many pro shooting coaches recommend rebuilding your shooting mechanics over the summer and refraining from game play to prevent returning to old habits.

The Catoctin Basketball Club is offering our JUMP and SHOOT program this summer to boys and girls of all ages to improve their shooting form. The JUMP and SHOOT program will start with every player submitting 4 short videos of their shooting form from different angles. Our pro trainers will assess those videos based on over 20 different shot mechanic variables and provide your player with drills tailored to improve their form.

In conjunction with the shooting clinic we will be including body weight jump training. Better shooting form combined with faster and higher vertical performance is the perfect way to prepare for when we can come together and play again. The last time we offered jump training our players averaged a 4-6 inch increase in their vertical.

We hope to offer small group in-person as well as virtual Jump and Shoot training beginning Saturday June 13th. The in-person training is open to all boys and girls in grades 4 through college and will include an extensive social distancing and hygiene protocol to ensure the safest environment for your player. The virtual training is open to all ages and all training is done from home.

We had over 50 players in our Spring Virtual Skills Academy who completed hundreds of at home workouts and took literally thousands of shots. Don’t waste this time. Improve your game and get ready for the next season.

We have a very limited number of slots available. REGISTER TODAY!



  • The in-person training will be held indoors with a very limited number of players, extensive social distancing as well as hygiene protocols in place. 
  • Open to all players in grades 4 through college.
  • Players/training will be broken up by skill level.
  • Two (2) separate four (4) week sessions. 
  • Each 4 week session will cost $100. That price also includes access to the 8 week virtual/remote training program.
  • Session 1 - Saturday June 13th – Saturday July 11th (no training over July 4th weekend)
  • Session 2 - Saturday July 18th - Saturday Aug 8th
  • In the event NoVA is still in COVID Phase 1 then the training will be held on the outdoor court at Patrick Henry (weather permitting). We will move inside once it is legal to do so (Phase 2)



  • Open to players of all grades including college.
  • Training curriculum will be tailored to age/skill level.
  • The virtual/remote training will last for 8 weeks and start on Saturday July 13th.
  • Standalone program but complement to in-person training.
  • Cost is $50



  • All players will be asked to submit four (4) short videos of their shot mechanics for analysis by the CBC trainers.
  • Players will be provided feedback on areas for improvement and suggested drills.



Players participating in the Virtual Skills Academy will need:

  • A basketball. Two for some of the advanced skills workouts.
  • A basket.
  • Cones, pylons or something similar.
  • A chair or stool.
  • Mobile internet device such as a smartphone or tablet.


REGISTER TODAY by clicking anywhere you see the word "REGISTER" on the CBC website then select "Skills Academy" from the drop down menu.



We believe we have put together the finest training program in existence at the lowest possible price. Please continue to check out the CBC homepage for more details.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us at