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The CBC Basketball Skills Academy and 3 on 3 program is held year round on just about every Sunday and is run by professional trainers. It focuses on individual athletic and basketball specific skills development utilizing the latest training techniques. All clinics are held in gyms in Purcellville. The goal for our winter program is to complement our players team training with individual and small group skills.
The CBC 2019 Winter Skills Academy and 3 on 3 program starts on Sunday Dec 8th and runs through February. The K-3 sessions will be held at Kenneth Culbert ES from 3pm – 6pm. Grades 4-8 will be at Blue Ridge Middle School starting at 3pm. Exact times will be posted shortly.
Players should wear athletic sneakers and clothing. Please do NOT bring any personal basketballs, they will be supplied. We recommend players bring a water bottle.
Kindergarten through 1st grade - $75 (no 3 on 3 for grades K-1)
2nd - 8th grade - $150 (which includes the cost for 3 on 3)
Please register via our website www.catoctinbasketball.org so that we have an accurate count players at each age group.. Click on the "REGISTER" button. For more information email us at info@catoctinbasketball.org.
3 on 3
3 on 3 is one of the fastest growing basketball formats in the world. The popularity of the BIG3 league filled with former NBA and International basketball stars as well as the International Basketball Association (FIBA) 3x3 World Cup for men and women, has led to the addition of 3 on 3 basketball as a sport in the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. 3 on 3 is not only fun, it is one of the best ways to improve your players game.
3 on 3 GOALS
The intent of the CBC 3 on 3 program is to provide an opportunity for local youth to play “old school” pickup basketball, have some fun and work on some of the skills they learned at the CBC Skills Academy. While there are no coaches or referees there will be an adult CBC rep in the gym to ensure the safety of the players and facilitate good sportsmanship. We ask that parents do not coach or referee from the sidelines. One of the goals of the program is for the younger players to learn how to play pickup ball and solve conflicts themselves.
3 on 3 RULES
2.    The CBC 3 on 3 Rep has the final say on all matters.
3.    Leave all personal gear in hallway outside of gym.
4.    Parents please do not referee or coach. The intent of the program is for the players to have fun and learn how to be responsible and resolve conflicts on their own. If necessary, the CBC 3 on 3 Rep will get involved.
5.     Play in your age bracket unless approved by the CBC 3 on 3 Rep.
6.    All games will utilize half or quarter courts. Play on next available court.
7.    Put your name on the list in order. Cross it off once you get in a game. Repeat for additional games. If your name is not on the list, you don’t play.
8.    First 3 names on the list are Team 1, next three are Team 2 etc. No choosing of teams.
9.    Games start by PASSING the ball in from top of key.
10.  Losers ball after a score. Keep track of your own scores.
11.  All change of possessions (scores, airballs, misses, out of bounds, fouls etc.) must return to top of key. Dead balls must be passed in.
12.  Defense calls the fouls. Basketball is a contact sport. The hand is part of the ball when shooting. Alternate possessions on disputes.
13.  Games to 7 points. Win by 1. All baskets are worth 1 point. No 3s, no foul shots, no And 1’s.
14.  Winning team stays on court. Winning team exits court after two consecutive wins. Put names back on list if you wish to play again. Players exiting court after winning two games go ahead of players they beat on list.
15.  Losing teams exit court. Put name back on list in order if you wish to play again.