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Q1 – Why should I sign my child up for a “travel” team?

A1 – If you have a child that has a particular interest in a certain sport, travel ball will provide them with a higher level of training, competition and fun. They will be surrounded by other players who share their passions and grow as a player and citizen athlete.



Q2 - I’ve heard that youth “travel” sport are expensive and require a huge commitment. Is that true?

A2 – For some clubs and sports that may be the case but not us. All of CBC’s board members and team coaches are volunteers. Our goal is to provide the best training in the most cost-effective manner. All of our profits are reinvested in the children. We exist to train great young citizens, athletes and basketball players and not to make money.


Most teams practice locally 2-3x times per week and participate in leagues and tournaments in and around the Northern Virginia area during the spring. There is a tremendous amount of talent in our local area, so travel outside of the DMV area is rare and usually only our most competitive high school level teams would be involved.



Q3 – Is CBC a league?

A3 – CBC is not a league. We usually have one or two teams for boys and girls at every grade level from 2-12. Our teams play against other travel teams from around Northern Virginia.



Q4 – When and where are the practices and the games?

A4 – Each team’s schedule is driven by the coach’s and players’ availability. Practices may be held on weeknights or weekends and all will be at an indoor facility in Purcellville and in some cases Leesburg.  Most practices are 1.5 hours long on an a full court. Leagues and/or tournaments will also be determined by the coach’s and players availability but, generally speaking, most games are held in the Northern Virginia area.



Q5 – My son/daughter is involved with other sports/activities in the spring? How does that work?

A5 – CBC encourages children to be multi-sport athletes and participate in a broad range of activities. That being said, basketball is a team sport and players that are selected are expected to make every effort to attend all team events. Up front communications and coordination with the team coach about commitment levels are crucial.



Q6 – How much does spring travel basketball cost?

A6 – Since every team is different in terms of numbers of practices, participation in leagues/tournaments and uniform requirements, the price varies. We do somewhat of an a la carte menu based on the individual team/coach’s desires. Approximate per player costs for the older competitive teams are as follows:

  • 2 x 1.5 hour full court practices per week = $250
  • 4 tournaments x $37.50/tournament = $150
  • Uniforms (Personalized reversible jersey and shorts – deduct cost if player already has CBC uniform) = $100

APPROXIMATE TOTAL COST = $500 ($400 for returning player re-using last year’s uniform)

Some of the teams may be more developmental in nature especially at the younger ages. Assuming they practice 2x per week, don’t enter any tournaments/leagues (scrimmages only) and don’t purchase uniforms, the cost would be approximately $250 for the spring.


Q7 - When will I be notified about whether or not my child made a team?

Once every grades tryouts are complete, the coaches for that group sit down to finalize rosters. They will call every player who attended at least one tryout and let them know the results. Successful players will be offered a roster spot which they must accept or decline within



Q7 – What options do I have if my child doesn’t make one of the teams or if we can’t commit to a spring team because of other commitments?

A6 – For those players, we offer our CBC Skills Academy. Professional trainers work with your children to improve their individual athletic and basketball skills. The players then play a supervised pickup style of 3 on 3 where they can work on those skills. 3 on 3 is one of the most popular basketball formats because it is fun and provides an optimum training environment. The current cost for one hour of skills training and one hour of 3 on 3 is $150.


If we have enough interested players but no volunteer coaches, we will also consider establishing a team led by one of our professional trainers, which we refer to as our "Black" teams. This will be a once per week practice with focus on team skills like offenses, defenses, presses and press breaks. It is also an opportunity for a parent volunteer to shadow and train under a professional coach/trainer. We will attempt to find inter-club scrimage opportunities for these teams. The cost for our Black teams is $150 for the spring season. If the group progresses sufficiently we may consider entering them in a late season local tournament. If that were the case there would be an additional cost. Generally speaking Black teams are developmental in nature. We highly encourage all Black team members to attend the Sunday Skills Academy and 3 on 3 program. 



Q8 – What about children in grades PreK-1st grade?

A8 – It is our position, and that of USA Basketball, that children in grades K-1 need to focus on individual skills development and not game play. PreK thru 1st players should enroll in our Skills Academy where they will learn the fundamentals of the game. Our professional trainers will prepare them for game play as their skills progress to that level.



Q9 – How can I, as a parent/guardian, get involved with CBC?

A9 – CBC is one of the largest youth travel basketball organizations in Northern Virginia. If you have youth basketball coaching experience or would like to volunteer in another capacity (uniforms, graphic design, marketing etc.) please email us at info@catoctinbasketball.org. WE NEED YOUR HELP!



Q10 – Does CBC offer any kind of financial aid?

A10 – We want every child that wants to play basketball to have that opportunity. If you have a true financial hardship situation please contact us at info@catoctinbasketall.org with details. All requests for financial aid will be kept confidential.