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Q1 – What is the Catoctin Basketball Club?

A1 – CBC is a local non-profit organization that focuses on providing year-round individual, small group and team basketball training and competition for boys and girls of all skills levels in grades PreK-12. We strive to provide the finest basketball training at the lowest possible cost.


Q2 - What kind of training and playing opportunities does CBC provide?

A2 – CBC provides a variety of training and playing opportunities throughout the year. The focus for our beginner players is on building individual skills and possibly some 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 competition. As players progress, they move into 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 scrimmages/games against their teammates, other CBC teams and, in some cases, other basketball clubs. The most advanced players at each grade level may compete in leagues and tournaments against other basketball clubs around the greater DC area.


Q3 – When and where are the practices and the games?

A3 – The schedule varies from season to season and depends on a variety of factors including the programs we are offering in that season, the availability of court space and the number and skill level of the players.


Q4 – My son/daughter is involved with other sports/activities? How does that work?

A4 – CBC encourages children to be multi-sport athletes and participate in a broad range of activities. That being said, basketball is a team sport and players are expected to make every effort to attend all team events.


Q5 – How much does it cost?

A5 – The cost of any particular program is dependent upon a number of factors including the gym space costs (private facilities cost more than public gyms), the duration of the season, trainers and in the case of our travel teams, the cost of tournaments and uniforms. Each program will have the costs clearly delineated in the announcement and registration.


Q6 – How can I, as a parent/guardian, get involved with CBC?

A6 – CBC is one of the largest youth travel basketball organizations in Northern Virginia. If you have youth basketball coaching experience or would like to volunteer in another capacity (uniforms, equipment, marketing etc.) please email us at WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Q7 – Does CBC offer any kind of financial aid?

A7 – We want every child that wants to play basketball to have that opportunity. If you have a true financial hardship situation please contact us at with details. All requests for financial aid will be kept confidential.