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  • All interested players MUST register on the CBC website to ensure everyone understands the rules and requirements and to ensure we have accurate contact information on all participants.
  • Players, parents/guardians or trainers who come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID or  who test positive themselves are required to comply with CDC guidelines for quarantine/treatment, must notify CBC immediately at   and should not attend any training event until cleared by qualified medical personnel and approved by CBC.
  • Every player must complete a daily health check questionnaire just prior to every event they will attend.  Click HERE or cut and paste this address https://forms.gle/Yq7Gphc7AJxJPu3G9 into your web browser to complete the daily health check questionnaire. This MUST be completed before EVERY event or your player will not be allowed to participate.
  • ALL SPECTATORS and ADULTS must maintain 10’ of separation and wear a mask at all times whether indoor or outdoors. They only exception to this rule are trainers who are maintaining 10’ of separation, may also remove their mask to improve communications.
  • Only players, trainers and safety observers will be allowed in indoor spaces. Exceptions include one parent/guardian per child for younger children. Other spectators/observers must coordinate entry with the on-site CBC rep and comply with all safety/hygiene protocols.
  • Please limit spectators to one per player for outdoor activities.
  • Please ensure that anyone who will be in the gymnasium, thoroughly wash their hands before and after every event.
  • All training will be structured to provide 10’ of physical separation as much as practicable.
  • Players should bring water with their name on it, for their personal consumption. No sharing of water. Availability of water and restroom facilities is unknown. Plan accordingly.
  • We recommend players bring camp seats for outdoor activities and maintain 10’ of separation between seats. Use the seat as a staging area for gear such as water bottles, backpacks and masks.
  • Please do not bring personal basketballs. CBC will provide basketballs that will be sanitized after every event.
  • Players should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled event. Please line up/assemble by family units with at least 10’ of physical separation in the designated area or inside the gym during inclement weather.
  • Parents/guardians should know what time all events finish up and make arrangements for a ride for their child. Children waiting to be picked up should continue social distancing protocols.



  • Stay home if you are sick!
  • Coaches or CBC reps must ask and document completion of the daily health check questions (see below) of every player and coach before each practice, scrimmage or game.
  • Participants must maintain social distancing of 10 feet, where practicable.
  • Coaches must disinfect player benches before and after each practice – If applicable bench chairs will be spaced 10’ apart.
  • All players must social distance and wear a face covering when in or on the player bench area.
  • Coaches must wear face coverings when social distancing of 10 feet can not be maintained or when they are in the bench area.
  • Personal equipment must be socially distanced outside the bench areas.
  • Teams must provide hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to players before and after each practice.
  • Players must not share water bottles, towels, team coolers, personal or team equipment other than the ball.
  • Players need to bring their own water.
  • Players should refrain from touching their face after touching a shared use ball.
  • The use of chewing gum and the act of spitting is prohibited.
  • The use of sunflower seeds is prohibited.
  • Parents should bring their own chairs as the bleachers will remain closed as they will not be disinfected
  • The Health Department recommends players/coaches that were within 6 feet of a person infectious with COVID-19 for a total of ten minutes, to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • There will be no organized games, scrimmages, player on player drills, etc. in the gym in which players are within 10 ft. of each other.



In the past 24 hours have you or anyone in your house had:

•            A temperature of 100°F or above?

•            New cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

•            New shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

•            New sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

•            Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting) that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

•            New nasal congestion or new runny nose?

•            New loss of smell and or taste?

•            New muscle aches?

•            Any other sign of illness?

•            Contact with someone in the previous 14 days with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or someone who is ill with a respiratory illness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not permitted to participate. You should not return until you or your family member is fever and symptom-free, without the use of medication for the fever or symptoms for three days.

Click HERE or cut and paste this address https://forms.gle/Yq7Gphc7AJxJPu3G9 into your web browser to complete the daily health check questionnaire. This MUST be completed before EVERY event.